Marketing Assessment

Technical Competence
  • The business has decided on using inbound marketing/content marketing as a way of attracting new customers/visitors to the website. You are asked to devise the content strategy for the business, how would you approach this? What would you consider?
  • What are some of the biggest ranking factors Google uses when determining where to rank a website in organic search?
  • Talk me through the process you would go through to setup a new Google Analytics account?
  • What is bounce rate?
  • What is the technology used to ensure a website formats well on both desktop and mobile/tablet? Describe how this works in as much detail as you can
  • What are the benefits of using Google Tag Manager?
  • Describe how remarketing/retargeting works, and some ways you could use this as part of a campaign strategy?
  • You are put in charge of a data analytics project, the goal of which is to provide dashboards and regular email reports on all stages of the marketing funnel to the senior management team. How would you approach this?
  • You are asked by your manager to perform an online competitor analysis for 3 key competitors to understand as much about their online activity as possible – what would you do?
  • Can you explain the importance of HREFLANG tags on websites?
Growth Marketer
  • Tell me about your favourite project and why? (do they talk about business impact)
  • Given how fast the industry changes, how do you keep up to date with new technology, strategies, tactics etc? Who/which companies do you follow? Where do you get your marketing news from?
  • Tell me something you’ve been learning about recently? why, why, why …….
  • How do you prioritise your work / tasks? Given that every company has constraints in terms of money/time/people.
  • You’re hired to run the marketing team and given a budget of £100,000 for the year to acquire new customers. You have a meeting with the CEO on your first day, and he asks you about the process you are going to go through to ensure this money is used wisely. What do you say?
Non-Technical & Personal Questions
  • What makes you angry/frustrated?
  • How do you deal with people that you don’t agree with?
  • What do you some of the new/emerging trends in the marketing industry?
  • What’s your favourite startup / favourite services or tools?
  • How may GDPR impact your role?
  • What would be your ideal marketing technology stack and why?
  • What would you say are your key skills / key strengths that you could bring to our team. What skills can you bring to the team that you feel are unique? Assuming we are speaking to someone else with a similar skill set, why should we hire you?
  • If money wasn’t a desire, if you had £1bn in the bank and you weren’t working for income, what would you be working on?
  • What concerns do you have right now about taking this job?

Scenario: Paid Ad Campaign

A member of the team that normally runs paid campaigns is on holiday, and your manager has asked you to handle the meeting. The meeting is with the product manager, the individual responsible for product pricing, development roadmap and, of particular relevance here, marketing campaigns.

The product manager has some budget left over from last year and is wanting to spend £50,000 on running Google Ads to his product page in order to generate more leads.

The product page was recently updated so it’s looking pretty good – it includes a video about the product, a list of the product features and a contact form.

What sort of questions would you ask?

Scenario: Analytics

One of our campaign managers wants better insights from campaigns. She wants to track button clicks on the website as there are some major discrepancies in the number of leads that are being reported. There are 3 main buttons she wants to track – ‘‘Download Whitepaper’, ‘Live Chat’ and ‘Contact Us’.

However, these buttons exist on 6 different language websites, on about 30 pages with multiple buttons per page – so 100+ buttons in total. Also some people have changed the text on the Download Whitepaper one, to ‘Download Guide’.

How would you approach this? What kind of questions would you ask and why?

What sort of things would you consider before speaking with developers to implement this? What questions would you ask? What would you want to know?

Scenario: Development

You have been asked by the Head of Digital to implement some new functionality on the website. The team and looking into a SaaS service that provides website personalisation, essentially the service “translates” IP addresses to company names. So, if someone visits from a large company (like Accenture) we can redirect them to a custom landing page (e.g. with personalised content and offers. Whilst the company provide a REST API for this “translation” there is no existing integration or plugin for WordPress.