Membership Sites


What kind of functionality do you need?

  • Email Automations based on actions (purchase, subscription, payment failure, login details etc)
  • Membership Levels
  • Customer Account Creation
  • Accept Payments
  • Deal with failed payments
  • Add and remove access to content automatically
  • Autologin (no email or password required)
  • A hierarchy of courses/lessons/quizzes etc
  • Site / Event Tracking


IntegratePro have some great videos on their YouTube channel.

There are a number of tools that you can choose:

  1. WordPress for Content Delivery
  2. ActiveCampaign for Emails & Email Automation
  3. ThriveCart for Shopping Cart / Payments
  4. ActiveMember360 for membership levels and login
  5. Social Learner (BuddyPress, LearnDash) – hiearachy of courses/topics/lessons


For a membership site you should:

  1. Use a separate WordPress instance on a separate subdirectory or subdomain e.g.
  2. Turn off all caching for the site
  3. Use high quality hosting
  4. Ensure strong passwords
  5. Settings -> Reading – discourage search engines from indexing this site
  6. Block site with robots.txt
  7. Consider options such as prevent concurrent logins, limit failed logins, auto-logout after inactivity


Consider Tags e.g.

  • Customer
  • Customer – Active
  • Customer – Inactive
  • Customer – Inactive 30 Days

Consider Automations e.g.

  • Subscription – Cancel 30 Days (remove active tag, apply inactive)
  • Generate Password & Login (e.g.
  • Online Course Cancel
  • Membership Login
  • Purchase
  • Abandon Cart

Keep your Membership/Level names and tag names consistent