Pantheon & WP All Import Plugin

WP All Import Support

“our plugins are currently incompatible with live Pantheon environments (they work only on dev/staging Pantheon environments). We’re working on fixing this, but I don’t have an ETA for the fix, and there are currently no workarounds.”

>> So just to confirm there are no issues in running in a Pantheon test environment?

Yes, that’s correct. 🙂

Note: this is not the case. WP All Import does not work on any Pantheon environment.

Pantheon Support

“Unfortunately, it is known that plugin has issues in the platform.. you can try these suggestions and see if it will help:–exportAside from that, I don’t think we can do much. I can personally tell that we’ve tried a lot of things with this plugin, including working with the developer, but we weren’t able to resolve all issues, as it is somehow varying per case.”

“I would suggest a workaround that involves running a local copy of the site. I suggest you can import the site locally, and sync backup the database and files to LIVE (via DB import, and rsync)”

“Ok understood.. try to run WP All import locally, where you can manually modify the PHP settings that might block or cause the timeouts for import. 

Also, try using Localdev which can help quickly clone your site locally and run the import there. Its still in pre-release, but I hope it can help somehow

WP All Import Functionality

“You can import pdf and doc files via the “Download & Import Attachments” field in the “Other Post Options” section of the import template.”

Last Attempt

WPAllImport: “I’ve had a look at your site and noticed that the server is running libxml version 2.9.3 – that version actually had a bug that caused this exact issue. Can you please ask Pantheon to upgrade libxml to version 2.9.4 and try this again?”

Pantheon: “We may need to do a feature request for that to happen and it may not be immediate and will be subject for deliberation by the Engineering team”


“Pantheon platform. It’s a really great hosting platform but does have strict rules on process times –