Psych Testing

  • Current level of excitement someone has about the experience on a scale of 0-100
  • Think of full gas tank of energy, then use that to get them through a flow
  • “Get psyched”, then have do more complex actions
  • “Reactions” are generated from elements on the page, talk about reactions to each element on the page
  • Each element on the page = Psych (positive or negative)
  • Each reaction adds or subtracts energy
  • Need to reduce minus psych AND add to plus psych based on elements on the page
  • Note/Remember: scan page top-left to bottom right

Pysch Exploration

  1. 10 Foot Test – roll chair back 10 feet back and see if you can figure out what’s going on? Should be clear even if you can’t read the text.
  2. Crossout Test – take page, print and cross out until it makes no sense. Need to make the first 3-5 words really compelling to read the rest.
  3. Minatory Report – serve a non-primary user group
  4. Table Flip – take experience and optimise for *not* doing the core action