Static Bike Trainers Review

Reviewers: Shane Miller & DC Rainmaker

ERG Mode: Your software tells the trainer what resistance to provide and it does so, regardless of how fast you pedal. That means you don’t have to think about what gear your bike’s in, or concentrate on hitting a power target, you quite simply just pedal. It’s kind of mindless, but meditative too, and it’s an incredibly straightforward way to optimise your training.

Wattbike Atom


  • convenience – plug and play, unlike a smart trainer
  • no hassle, no swapping bikes
  • no wear on drivetrain and over components over winter
  • very sturdy
  • own Wattbike App with workouts is great, can use without Zwift, Trainer Road, Sufferfest
  • polar view – visual representation of your pedal stroke, tells you where you may be losing power
  • easy for other half to share
  • app in the box + can use with 3rd party software


  • noticeably louder than the Kickr and other top-of-range trainers
  • if training on same setup as road bike is important, may not want a smart bike
  • when using on Zwift, not in Erg mode (e.g. freeride or racing), there is a slight delay with changing gear in Zwift. 22 gears on one block so find having to change gears more often than would on road bike to keep the resistance. no big and small ring.
  • having a big lump of money sunk into an integrated item that’s software-dependent

Wahoo Kickr


  • very quiet
  • great with Swift, responsive to gradient changes
  • use with your own bike
  • instantaneous gear changes


  • don’t need add-ons like head wind

Tacx Neo 2

Following Tacx Flux 2

Tacx Neo Bike Smart

  • very quiet
  • excellent ride feel


  • looks horrendous
  • Cost: £ 2,299.00!