Submitting App to Apple AppStore

The Apple Developer Program enables you to submit an app to the App Store.

“If you’re ready to build more advanced capabilities and distribute your apps on the App Store, enroll in the Apple Developer Program. The cost is 99 USD per membership year.”

You will need to have an Apple ID to sign up for in the Apple Developer Program. Create a new Apple ID separate from your personal one. You will also need to enable two factor authentication for this account.

You can enroll to the developer program:

  1. As an individual (require AppleID with 2FA turned on)
  2. As a business (require DUNS number, legal entity status, legal binding authority, a website). You will need to submit documents to prove your involvement with the company.

You will need to enroll as a business to see a business name listed as the app developers details in the AppStore.

Public App Store Advantages:

  • Apple provides the distribution service
  • App download and install process known by all users
  • Visible marketplace

Public App Store Disadvantages:

  • Requires App Store approval process
  • No ability to restrict access to app
  • Requires App Store approval for changes
  • 30% of any revenue charged goes to Apple
  • Potentially provides information to competitors
  • Only public (Apple) APIs can be used in your app

Enterprise App Distribution Advantages

  • Distribute “in-house” apps directly
  • App Store approval process is not required. Apple’s app approval process is notoriously painful for app developers.
  • The general public cannot see a listing for your app, purchase or install it. It is not on the App Store

Enterprise App Distribution Disadvantages

  • $299 per year for iOS Enterprise Distribution program
  • A device can have apps installed from only one iOS Enterprise License at a time
  • Intended for employees and contractors of the licensee only
  • You are responsible for distributing and updating the app e.g. via MDM solution
  • Available for companies with 500+ employees and Dun&Bradstreet number only