The StoryBrand Concept

The StoryBrand concept is a proven approach to copywriting, more information in this podcast episode:

Here is the framework:

  1. a character who wants something
  2. the character has a problem “people file your business under the problem you solve.
  3. the character meets a guide “Customers aren’t looking for a hero. They’re looking for a guide. Lay out your products and services as weapons that will help them save the world
  4. the guide gives them a plan. You need to give your customers a plan. Just three or four steps that explain how easy it is to work with you.
  5. And Calls Them to Action “Customers don’t take action unless they are challenged to take action.”
  6.  That Helps Them Avoid Failure – Heroes are compelled into action because something is at stake
  7. And Ends in a Success – You need to show customers how your products can positively affect their lives.